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Alameda press #06 Special Mix/Mixed by Flatic

Alameda press #06にご紹介頂いたFlatic氏選定盤を、Flatic氏がミックス!した音源のご紹介です。のんびりと暖かい雰囲気が真冬の寒さを忘れさせてくれ、ホリデーシーズンにもピッタリ!南国に行かずにしてリゾート気分が味わえます。是非、こたつにみかん暖かい室内でのんびりしながら聴ける、脳内ホリデーをお楽しみください。

Flatic mix using his 20 records selection for latest Alameda pless #06 has just come out. Its restful and warm atmosphere allows us to forget midwinter coldness, making us feel like in a resort. Please enjoy spending your imaginative indoor holidays with this mix, kotatsu and tangerines.


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